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How to reduce risk heat stroke

How to reduce risk heat stroke When using the word heat stroke, many people think that it is interchangeable with heat exhaustion. The truth is, heat stroke happens once heat exhaustion has already been reached and untreated for some time. Both conditions are quite serious

Ways to eat clean food.

Eating clean food is another option for people who want to lose weight and people who love their health. Clean food is food that comes from nature. Reduce embellishments or decorate as little as possible No color additives added. or additives Not going through the fermentation process or over-seasoning, such as

Why elderly people are more at risk of depression than you think?

“Depression in the Elderly” is a mental illness among the elderly. Which arises from feelings of disappointment, loss, longing for the past or things missing from life. Including the difficulty of accepting change. It is a change that is quite difficult to handle. It takes time to adjust. Although