An easy way to choose sunglasses to suit a man’s face shape.

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An easy way to choose sunglasses. accessories are another form of fashion item that many people create on their bodies. And for men, you’ll probably choose items that can change your look. And it is an item that is indispensable in tropical countries where the sun is your companion all year round. That thing is sunglasses. But the point to be careful about using this item is to choose the one that suits your face shape.

Choose sunglasses.

Men with diamond or heart shaped faces.

For gentlemen who have a diamond or heart shaped face. Keep in mind that the most charming part of your face is your forehead. and to emphasize this charm more clearly The style of men’s glasses that should be chosen should be square glasses. It can be said to be a component that helps make the facial structure look proportional. The frame should be chosen to be a little thick. For the harmony of the overall facial composition. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Long-faced man.

For any man who knows that his face is long. Also known as Oblong Face, please know that you are a lucky person. Because you can choose glasses to match a man’s face in a free style. You can say that you can choose whatever style you like. For example, square-shaped glasses help to enhance your chin and smile to make them more charming. Or if it’s aviator glasses When worn, it will help make your jaw more defined. Enhance the eloquence perfectly.

However, for men who feel that their face shape is too long and they feel insecure. You may choose a large size eyeglass frame. To make the face look shorter as well.

Square-faced men.

Let’s start with men with square faces. Choosing glasses to match this shape of a man’s face is not difficult. It is based on the principle that if the face already has a square shape You shouldn’t choose square glasses again. Because it will make you look more cunning and not very friendly.

Therefore, the shape of men’s glasses that suit square faces should be round. No matter how round Or round and oval, it’s all the answers. Because it will make the prominent jawline look more in harmony with other elements on the face. It also helps reduce hypocrisy. and add warmth perfectly

round face men.

The same theory applies to men with square faces. Just flip it to the opposite side. Therefore, men with round faces should not choose to wear round-shaped men’s glasses. Because it will make your face look even more round. It obscures the eloquence that is considered one of the charms of men.

For this reason, the most suitable glasses shape for men with round faces is square frame glasses. Including glasses with sloped corners instead. Because it will make your face look slimmer. In addition, you should choose glasses frames with large frames. To help make a large, round face look smaller. But at the same time, they shouldn’t be too big and unwieldy. Therefore, before buying, you should pick up a pair of glasses and try them on in front of the mirror first to see if the size fits your face or not.