Dawson: Hot form Mwepu led Brighton to defeat Arsenal at home

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Dawson: Hot form Mwepu led Brighton to defeat Arsenal at home

Michael Dawson has hailed Brighton midfielder Inok Mwepu as the key player in his team’s three points win over Arsenal in the latest Premier League games. According to UFABET.

The 24-year-old star showed luxurious form, paying 1, shooting 1. Helping the Seagulls to defeat the Gunners 2-1, a kind that made the home supporters go crazy.

Brighton took the lead in the 29th minute from Leandro Trossard with Mwepu’s assist. And the forward netted for the team in the 66th minute before Martin. Odegaard will shoot for the home team at the end of the game but can’t catch up.

Dawson, who watched the game, hailed the Zambian midfielder as a key player in the Segal’s surprise thrashing of their second defeat to Arsenal in a row, especially with a stunning second goal.

“He played brilliantly throughout the game and it was very easy to be the best player on the pitch. The diligence and calmness when controlling the ball is unbelievable.”

“(In goal 2) Trossard and Kaisedo connected well and when the ball arrived, Mwepu managed to score beautifully. both technique and skill in shooting a half-volley like that.”

“It was a brilliant goal and it gave Arsenal a hard time finding their way back into the game. which deserves to be commended,” Dawson said.