Mark Gehi believes leaving Chelsea was the right choice.

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Mark Gehi believes leaving Chelsea was the right choice.

Crystal Palace defender Mark Gehi insists his decision to leave Chelsea earlier in the season was the right decision for his career path. Mark Gehi told UFABET

Kehi, 21, who has been a youth player at Chelsea since 2007, joined Crystal Palace for £18 million and became a central figure under Patrick Vi. Era and stepped into the England national team already Including getting the armband as a team captain as well

“For me playing in the Premier League, the first game is a very memorable one. For all the young players playing it is like a dream. I was deeply move by the help of the people around me. For the rising star Time on the pitch is an important factor in personal development. Even playing in a secondary league like the Championship is very important.”

“My choice to leave Chelsea here was one of the right decisions to get playing time. and have shown their own potential But coming here does not mean that I have moved and will be able to play immediately. I had to fight hard to prove myself. And still have to do that with work. keep practicing hard For my development it is very important.”

“Patrick Vieira used to be one of the best players in his position. Won the world championship And if someone like him meets you and invite them to work together. You can’t say no. I am very please that he helped me with almost everything.”