Negotiate with 3 parties moving forward to find a way out for Harry Kane.

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Negotiations between Bayern, Spurs and Harry Kane continue. According to German media there is a good trend.

On Thursday, British and German media reported that. Tottenham Hotspur had agreed to an offer from Bayern Munich to let the England forward leave after lengthy discussions several weeks.

However, Sky Sports England indicates the attitude of the 30-year-old striker is hesitant. And is likely not moving to the Bundesliga to stay with the Golden Spur Chicken until the end of the contract UFABET

Such cases once again made Kane’s future uncertain. With reports from British media late at night that the Three Lions captain wanted to continue playing in the Premier League. Which is considered a bad sign for Bayern.

However, Sky Sport Germany revealed the progress late on the same day that. The three-party negotiations between Southern Tigers, Golden Spurs and Harry Kane continued plus the atmosphere is good. Which is now accelerating to find a way to manage the payment process.

Like the Bayern side, waiting for the green light from Kane to execute a personal contract. Which the situation late in the day. All parties are still optimistic that it will be successful.

It is likely that the matter will be settled by Friday. Because the British media stressed that Kane wants everything to be done. Before the new Premier League season begins.