Or Burnley, it’s time to really change

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Or Burnley, it’s time to really change

Sean Dyche was sack. After nearly 10 years in charge at Burnley ahead of Sunday night’s clash with West Ham. The draw against David Moyes’ side means they are three points clear of the safety zone, one game more than Everton in 17th place.

Dyche, 50, was only offer a new four-year contract at the start of the season. From club he’s built to be. What he wants and has won the hearts of fans to his own pub in Dyche told UFABET

Burnley, it’s not a team that plays beautifully or spectacularly. But with Dyche’s style of game, he has managed to keep the team in the Premier League for six consecutive seasons, establishing Turf Moor as a fortress. That’s an impressive feat considering the meager budget he’s earned each year – with 2017 alone, Burnley spent just £21million in accreditation budget.

However, the mysticism of Burnley’s home game has started to wear off this season. When they are not as defensive as they use to be and have conced 26 goals in 30 games and picked up just 15 points at home, more than just Watford and bottom team Norwich. only plum

Of course, the decision of the new owner. Who has just bought the club several years ago and to sack the coach. Who has with the team for a long time is not easy. Especially when the team is about relegate and Dyche has already led his team to promotion twice.

Yet they took the risk and hoped to rebuild Burnley by not relying on one person alone. But that’s it again. If in the end Burnley are relegate and can’t get back up quickly. Everyone would see this as a terrible decision.