Petit reveals Manchester United players

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Petit reveals Manchester United players. Who should be release as soon as Ten Hag takes over

Emmanuel Petit French legend Help confirm the determination that Manchester United should let two famous football stars like Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial leave the team as soon as Erik ten Hag takes over the job as a manager. in the summer

“Paul Pogba is the first person who most likely shouldn’t stay at Manchester United. and with a contract that is about to expire So it’s the right time to say goodbye,” Healek told UFABET

“His body language clearly speaks to everything. Not just unhappy with the team. But has completely lost his mind. I believe everyone at the club will very disappointed in Pogba as well.”

“Simply put, just the last game against Everton. He was sent off with the great Manchester United name on his shoulders. But he played a lot, messing around and looking at the team. Did you lose yourself to an opponent who was just escaping relegation?”

“Assuming if he renews his contract with I was probably the first to be the most shocked. Because moving to new challenges is a good solution for both parties. because when people lose their minds If you hold it, you lose your team spirit in vain.”

“The other person that Manchester United should sell after is Anthony Martial. Because even if the team changes the new manager. Or referred not to success with Sevilla as expected. However, I wouldn’t be thinking of staying at Old Trafford any longer, that’s for sure.”