Simeone ignores big offers from Saudi.

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Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone has no interest in moving to the Saudi league. Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone confirmed to Marca on Thursday that. He has no intention of moving to the Saudi league. Even if the Middle Eastern clubs make offers with tempting huge wages. 

Simeone is under contract at Atletico Madrid until 2024 and he is the highest-paid coach in the world at €20m a year. Which has led him to be linked with Saudi clubs such as Saudi Arabia same. 

‘No, the truth is I’m very happy where I am. I am very happy to be at Atletico. I understand that Arabia is growing and that it is necessary to nurture great players.’ said Simeone.

When asked if he understands the players who have decided to move to Saudi Arabia. The Argentinian trainer has no arguments that players move there for money UFABET

‘Yes, yes, yes, this is work, above passion and passion, it is work. That’s okay.’

When asked if he was also interested in moving to the Middle East. The Argentinian trainer replied ‘No, even if they brought it up as a temptation. (their offer) anyway’ 

Atletico Madrid is a team whose defense is not their strong point. losing the goal also rarely fight anyone. But when Simeone took charge of the team in the first six games. Atletico were able to keep clean sheets in all six games. Which was a sign that the team was changing in a positive direction.