The media revealed that Cruyff is waiting to leave Barca this summer.

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Jordi Cruyff will step down as director this summer. As Mateu Alemani will join Aston Villa. Deario Sport correspondent Gerard Romero reported on Sunday that. Mateu Alemani was not the only senior Barcelona executive to leave the club this summer. After Geordie Cruyff is also stepping down as sporting director.

Alemani will step down as director of football on June 30 before the end of his contract in 2024 to join Aston Villa alongside Unai Emery, with Cruyff set to step down. from the position of sports director as well. Due to lack of support from other management and there are disagreements with trainer Xavi Hernandez UFABET

Cruyff’s situation is similar to Alemani’s frustration with Joan Laporta’s approach, with the Barca president often seeking advice from Jorge Mendes and Pini Zahavi, although both People will do more for their own benefit. 

How much Alemani and Cruyff’s farewells at the same time will affect the club’s plans for compliance with La Liga’s Financial Fair Play rules will depend on their decision. It was Laporta’s decision on how quickly to recruit a new team to replace him. After being linked to many people, especially former Barca players like Anderson Deco and Vitor Baia