Thierry Henry charge of the France Under-21 national team.

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Thierry Henry is a favorite to take charge of the France Under-21 national football team. According to French media.

The Rooster Under-21s have parted ways with Sylvain Ripoll after a disappointing performance at the European Championships. Which was eliminated before the semi-finals by the hand of Ukraine.

According to the latest reports from ARMSE, France’s sports minister is working hard to bring Henry into charge. With the priority being to build a team for the 2024 Olympics. 

However, the management of french football federation Accelerate the process of interviewing other targets. UFABET As well, in addition to Henry. There is also the name Jozlan Gwennek, a former Lille consultant who is in the consideration.

However, Rhamse believes that Henry’s name is gaining momentum. Because many parties want the former Arsenal striker to take on this important job.

However, we have to wait and see if Henry is interested in accepting such a job or not. Because if the 45-year-old striker agrees. It will result in the termination of several television and other commercials.

Thierry Henry is currently a games analyst for Amazon Prime Video Sport as well as CBS Sports Colazo.

For Henry’s coaching path, starting from being an assistant coach for the Belgian national team (2016-2018). Managing Monaco as a manager (2018-2019). Managing the Montreal Impact club (2018-2019). 2019-2021). Returned to be the assistant coach of the Belgian national team again (2021-2022) and most recently managed the France U21 national team this time.