Vieira responds to rumors Arsenal will continue to snatch Zaha

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Vieira responds to rumors Arsenal will continue to snatch Zaha at the end of the season

Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira has open up about Wilfred Zaha’s future amid speculation. He is set to join Arsenal at the end of the season.

“I really want to know who was in the mood to write the news. That Wilfred Zaha wants to leave Crystal Palace to join Arsenal. After our crushing game against them in midweek.” told UFABET.

“Of course it’s not true at all. Not even close Because personally. I assure everyone at all times that Zaha is the player. Who is of utmost importance for this club.”

“And when I came in with a pretty big goal. The club itself was aware from the beginning until it was ready to support everything. Therefore, the best will never be released in the middle of the road.”

“Saha is not just a great striker. But his identity is also highly influential on the young players on the team. He is the inspiration that makes the people around him feel uplifted. Dare to think, dare to dream”

“Having been at Palace for so many years. He is a big brother who knows everything about this club so much more than anyone else. I want him to share those feelings with others including himself. It’s me who just took the job.”

“So the only thing I will do from now on is Keep him to work together for as long as possible.”