West Ham 1 – Manchester United 0.

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David De Gea’s unbelievable mistake cost Manchester United a goal. That turned in a 1-0 win for West Ham in English Premier League Football.

Played just 2 minutes, Manchester United had a scary counterattack. The ball from Christian Eriksen arrived. Marcus Rashford spun with the right without catching over the crossbar.

In the 7th minute. the Red Devils were almost overwhelmed again. Anthony dragged into the penalty area with the right. Before being intercepted into Bruno Fernandes running to shoot the ball and hit the post a little.

The visiting team still came in a set, 3 minutes later.

Vaughn Weghorst gave a chest break for Anthony to turn a shot with a non-captured left in the right side of the penalty area. But the ball flew off the far post.

United had a golden opportunity in the 17th minute. From this ball, Marcus Rashford dragged into the penalty area on the left and cut into a square shot. With a broken joint with his right foot. The ball deflects the first pole outside the square after going.

But in the 27th minute, it was West Ham that swayed to lead 1-0. From the counter, Luke Shaw missed allowing Said Benrahma to pull the pendant up alone. With 3 Red Devil players crowding around before choosing to shoot from 20 yards away. The ball is very light, like it’s not dangerous. But David de Gea makes a shocking mistake. Bounced straight across the line into the goal.

Manchester United tried to speed up the game to equalize in the 32nd minute. Anthony dragged him to the left in front of the penalty area. The ball deflected the support line. The hammer a little hit the outer square post after.

In the 45+1 minute injury time. Said Benrahma scored a right shot in the penalty area. But de Gea still fell to the brush before Benrahma followed and opened it to hit Vic’s arm. The referee, Tor Lindelof didn’t say anything UFABET

The rhythm continued, United countered, Casemiro gave Christian Eriksen to go and shoot left in the penalty area on the left, but Lucas Fabianski took it in hand.

The first half ended, West Ham led Manchester United 1-0.

In the second half, West Ham almost escaped in the 49th minute from a chaotic ball in the penalty area, Thomas Souchek followed to keep a narrow corner in the penalty area on the right side and shot a shot and was pushed by De Gea. Nayev Ake Card collects, hits the garden, then blocks out the back.

In the 52nd minute, the Hammers sent the ball into the goal from a high ball that De Gea had fallen to the floor, Antonio kicked into the net, but the referee blew Antonio had already fouled De Gea.

The Red Devils went ahead and attacked. In the 56th minute, Aaron Wan-Bissaka filled in to the right and paid a skid to the front of the penalty area for Waut Weghorst to shoot immediately, but Fabianski fell. able to accept

3 minutes later, West Ham had a counter-attack, Jarrod Bowen dragged the pendant up to the right, pulling many opponents before flowing for Lucas Paqueta to set up a fort shot with the left in front of the penalty area. A lot of cross beams

In the 66th minute, the home team had a chance to win from a high ball. Benrahma opened from the left side into the middle. Antonio headed the ground, but Lindelof, who stood in front of the goal, could strike and block it.

Next, it’s still West Ham’s golden opportunity for Lucas Paqueta to collect on the right side of the penalty area and then cut it to be stuffed with his left foot.

United had a chance to equalize in the 77th minute, Marcel Sabitzer flowing into the penalty area on the right for Rashford to follow in a tight corner, but Fabianski still held the ball off the crossbar.

First minute stoppage time. 

The away team were likely to score as Anthony Martial played a one-two with Rashford before Martial broke through the West Ham defense and crashed into the penalty area. But went directly to Fabianski, who stood to cover the first pole, brushed off the back.

From a corner, Bruno opened it for Martial to get a header that was unmarked. but hit a bad square, the ball went straight through the door

At the end of the game, West Ham defeated Manchester United 1-0, causing the Hammers to escape the relegation situation somewhat relieved, while the Red Devils lost 2 games in a row.