Mikel Arteta insists Arsenal must continue to work hard.

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Mikel Arteta insists Arsenal must continue to work hard to grow day by day following their 2-0 win over Newcastle.

“I am very happy. Obviously we are proud. I’m very proud of the players for the way they handled all around. And a team that has a lot of things they do very well. We dealt with it really well. There is a lot of emotion from what happened last year here. When you have another chance You need to show that you have learned and approached it in a different way. I saw the struggle in them to do it differently today.

“We have to get back to that feeling. (Last year’s loss – the video he made available to players before Sunday’s game) to understand it. It’s not enough to talk about it. We need to see our faces and understand our emotions. Not just a footballer but also the team You don’t want to be like this anymore. It’s a bad feeling. Today we have to show the difference between competitiveness, desire and quality.” Mikel Arteta UFABET

“You have to keep growing, we have been doing it for 10 months and we have to keep doing it every day. Very demanding, we know that, we are doing what we have to do to win the game, it’s good, three games to go and we’re still there. (with a chance to win the championship)”